Quality tenants with quality management



Canberra’s Most Reliable Property Management Team

LiveComfy makes Canberra real estate management cost-effective, convenient and stress free. Ideal for landlords seeking relief from the stress of self-managing their properties or dealing with careless agents.

Imagine no management fees, no vacant periods, and your investment property left in pristine order with quality tenants.

LiveComfy delivers a stress-free rental experience over a three-year lease. We also guarantee your property is maintained to pristine order. This includes both throughout the lease period and on completion of the lease period.

Why rent your property to LiveComfy

  • We can sign long term leases with you. Then, these periods will have 0% vacancy rates, as well as no marketing cost or letting fees.
  • Stable cash flow, as we pay rent on time regardless of the property is filled or not.
  • High quality tenants are always sought.
  • Regular cleaning and additionally yearly steam cleaning by our professional cleaner.
  • Regular inspections by our team
  • With attention to detail, full cover on damage caused by our tenants.

How we work

  • We sign the head lease with the owner of the property, gaining their approval for subletting. As a head tenant, we pay the bond and rent to the owner.
  • All our properties are rented fully furnished to a high standard of finish at our own cost.
  • We source and find high quality sub-tenants for each property.
  • We handle the whole subletting process and also manage all issues with the sub-tenants.
  • We conduct regular inspection and cleaning to make sure the property is maintained at a high standard.