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About Us



Share Accommodation Expert

LiveComfy believes both property owners and occupants can emerge as winners with a game-changing approach to the rental real estate industry.

We continue to successfully deliver exceedingly satisfying results for both parties. Our top-quality maintenance service on a regular basis and thorough background-checking systems ensure this. Also, LiveComfy offers a precise match for both occupants and property owners.

LiveComfy is changing the face of real estate management. We aim to provide peace of mind for both property owners and occupants.


Our mission is two-fold: 

  • Provide an easy and enjoyable living space for each occupant, during their stay in our properties. 
  • Increase the annual rental returns for each property owner while keeping their property in top condition at all times


Be the most reliable share accommodation & real estate management company that provides Five Star property management service for each property owner and occupant.

Our Values


No hidden fees for owners or occupants.


Treat owners and occupants with respect.


Make the leasing experience for owners and occupants easy and comfortable


“Do what we say and say what we can do!”


Build long-term trust with owners and occupants.